Handbuilding in the studio


 What is Handbuilding?

Handbuilding covers a variety of methods, as the name suggests you are making a piece using your hands and basic tools rather than the potters wheel, this allows you much more control over the clay and even beginners can make some lovely pieces, various techniques include coil building, pinch pots, slab building & penny pots.

What can you make?

You can make either a vase, bowl, pen pot, candle plate, trinket box, money box or a sculptured piece such as an animal or fairy etc

How much does it cost?

Sessions cost £25 each (for a minimum of 2 people) and include clay, tuition, painting your piece plus glazing and firing in the kiln


 What age is handbuilding suitable for ?

Handbuilding is suitable for all ages from 6+ we have worked with children & adults of all ages to make some lovely handbuilt pieces

When can I come?

Handbuilding sessions must be booked & paid for in advance, they can be booked most Saturdays & some weekdays.

 How long does it take?

Handbuilding sessions usually take approx 1.5 - 2hrs

How does it work?

You can choose what sort of piece you would like to make, our friendly staff will then help you to make your idea from clay using the most relevant techniques, if you are stuck for inspiration we can always help with ideas, once you have made your piece you can then add some coloured details with our underglaze paints, you then leave your finished piece with us to be fired, glazed and fired again, this takes 8-12 weeks depending on the weather, we will call you when your piece is ready for collection.